Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham
H.E.M. Newman's Memorabilia

In 1993, in accordance with his request, I donated certain items of my father's military memorabilia to the Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham (near London). These included diaries covering most of the 1920s, certain photographs and a few maps documents that were written or prepared by him. I visited the museum in June 2002 and was pleased to see his medals on display, and to find his diaries, documents and maps readily available for inspection. His photographs have been sent to the Royal Engineers Library for storage, where I hope to be able to see them next time I am in the area.

Members of the family can make arrangements to visit the museum and inspect these items, if they ever wish to do so by contacting the Curator at the Royal Engineers Museum, Brompton Barracks, Chatham, Kent ME4 4UG ph 0634 406397.

Below is a photo of HEMN's service medals which are (from left to right):

(1) Campaign Medal - India General Service Medal 1936 - 1939 (indicating Mentioned in Dispatches); (2) Campaign Medal - 1939-1945 Star; (3) Campaign Medal - Burma Star; (4) Campaign Medal - France and Germany Star; (5) Campaign Medal - Defence Medal 1939 - 1945; (6) Campaign Medal - War Medal 1939 - 1945.

War Medals of HEMN

Last Updated: 18 July 2002