Hill Brow School - Brent Knoll
Preparatory School for Boys
by Chris Newman (contact: cje.newman@gmail.com)

The first edition of "A Brief History of Hill Brow School" was published in 2014, and comprised 244 A4 pages. .

A longer second edition (ISBN 9781645 169949) was pubished in 2020 filling 356 A4 pages.

A third edition filling 365 pages was made available for on-line distribution in November 2021. In addition to minor corrections to the second edition, it contained three main updates as follows:

A fourth edition filling 369 pages was published in October 2023. It contains the following updates:

A printed copy of this fourth edition may be purchased "at cost" for £15 plus postage from Chris Newman at cje.newman@gmail.com. Alternatively a PDF copy of the book can be downloaded by clicking HERE. Unless you've changed your downloads settings, it should download automatically into your "Downloads" folder. The file is large (236MB) so may take a few minutes to download.

Note: If anyone can help by providing additional information, photos, anecdotes or memorabilia relating to Hill Brow School, then please let me know by emailing me at cje.newman@gmail.com.