Harold Ernest Montague Newman

Perhaps it was during our regular correspondence after I moved to Australia, or perhaps it was on one of his visits to Australia, but when my father finally realized that I was interested to know something about the 45-odd years of his life before I was born, he devoted many weeks and probably months of his time to writing his memoirs for my benefit. He typed earlier chapters on his old mechanical typewriter before moving on to an electric typewriter to complete the later ones.

After his death, I had these typescripts transcribed into digital format by Chinese copiers, which involved a substantial amount of correction, some of which I may have missed me. However I believe that the resulting document is a reasonable representation of what my father wrote. I have now combined all these memoirs into chronological order in a combined volume in PDF format. However this work is still in progress in that some photographs and maps still need to be added.

Several sections of these memoirs are presented in HTML format on this website . These include:

Note: The volume titled "Episodes" has not yet been prepared in HTML format, but is incorporated into the combined chronological volume.

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