Cecil Waring Proctor
1894 - 1988

 Relationship to me: Second Cousin twice removed Gen -2

Cecil Waring Proctor (1981)
 Born: 1894
 Died: 1988
 Age ~94  
 Father:      Edward Bernard Proctor 1845 - 1929
 Mother: Helen Mary Elizabeth Dixon
 Brothers: (elder) Henry Arthur Bernard Proctor (emigrated to U.S.) b.1892
  (younger) James Adolphus Proctor - (killed in WW1)  1896 - 1918 
  Charles Ruthven Kynaston Proctor   1906 - 1992? 
 Sisters:   Dorothy Louise Proctor 1900 - 1981
 Married: Olga Mikhailovna Chipadze m. 23 Dec 1921 (see below)
 Children: Helen Tamara Proctor b.1922
  Margaret Ruth b.1924
  James Edward Michael b.1930

(Information supplied by Helen Proctor, 9th Jan 2003): "Cecil Waring Proctor, was married Dec 23 1921 at Koloubani, Georgia (now Republic of) to Olga Mikhailovna Chipadze. The ceremony was conducted by her grandfather, a priest in the Orthodox church".

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