Barbara Newman Legier (née Newman)
1814 - 1898

 Relationship to me: Second cousin three times removed Gen -3

 Born 1814  
 Died 1898  
 Age 84  
 Father:      Captain Francis Newman 1786 - 1851
 Mother: Barbara Antonia Ronquillo
 Brothers: none known  
 Sisters: Francise Newman, married Depeit  
  Elisabeth C., married B. Robinson
  Amalia Newman, married Hugh Rose (nephew of President Munro)  
 Married: (1) Jean Francois Legier de La Tour 1815 - 1862
  (2) Onesiphore Drouet  
 Children: (1) John Robert Legier  
  Octave Legier  
  15 others    

Barbara's descendant Monica Peterson describes Barbara's family as follows:

Our family, starting with Barbara Newman Legier, were reduced to genteel poverty after the Civil War. Octave Legier, interrupted his studies at Springhill College to join the Confederacy after only 1 year. Octave’s children did not complete high school - no longer genteel - just poverty. They also remained in the old French Creole social network, refusing to assimilate with the Americans. Barbara Newman Legier Drouet’s obituary is not entirely legible, but appears to have the same pretense found in her father’s baptism record in Moulins. However it also refers to her lack of funds due to the postwar condition in New Orleans.

Barbara, for whom my mother was named, lived a long life. She had many children, and the part of her obituary I can read states her death marked the end of an era. She was married to her first husband, Jean Francois Legier, with whom she had 17 children. From what I can tell five of their children died in childhood.

She remarried after Jean Francois death in 1862. She married her son's father in law, Onesiphore Drouet. He is my 3rd great grandfather from my great, great, grandmother, Marie Odeide's side.
He was a very well respected notary in New Orleans who emancipated five slaves whom he inherited at his mother s death. He had no need for slaves as he lived in the city and worked as as a lawyer/notary. He could have made money on them and chose not to. I am proud of this man. That he and Barbe landed together speaks well of them both.

Jean Francois Legier de La TourJean Francois Legier de La Tour -

He was born in New Orleans born in New Orleans, La in 1815 to Joseph Rene Legier de la Tour, a physician to Royalty in Blois, who emigrated to Sainte Dominque at the time of the French Revolution. His mother was Jeanne Marie Louise Fourmis, a Creole born in Sainte Dominque to French parents. Her line is from Nantes. Her grandfather was a Royal Notary in Nantes. Jean Francois died July 16, 1862. (From Monica Peterson - 15 May 2015.)

Octave Legier

Octave Legier

Octave Legier, son of Barbara Newman and Jean Francois Legier- grandchild of Captain Francis Newman. Born in New Orleans, LA March 3, 1846, died Feb. 11, 1905. The photo (left) of Octave Legier is from his newspaper obituary in 1905.

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